Digital Work

A compilation of my digital works. These were created in both Photoshop CS6 and Manga Studio 5.

Forest by Eloisa EncarnacionColumbina and Harlequin by Eloisa EncarnacionZombies Ate My Neighbors  by Eloisa EncarnacionThe Little Prince Baobab Concept by Eloisa EncarnacionPlane Crash from Le Petit Prince by Eloisa EncarnacionLe Petit Prince by Eloisa EncarnacionLiza by Eloisa EncarnacionCommission of D&D Character LiustsMatte Sketch 2 by Eloisa EncarnacionSelf Portrait by Eloisa EncarnacionBlack Woman by Eloisa EncarnacionSailor Mars by Eloisa EncarnacionGentleman by Eloisa Encarnacion

Traditional Work