Isa & Osa

A Girl and Her Whale…

This is a story I am working to develop into a full graphic novel and, in my dream world, animated. The intent is a story about a girl of color who is surrounded by friends of color. This is my response to a media that focuses on white protagonists when there’s so many people to represent. The story takes place in a world that is falling apart due to over-reliance on unstable technology. Isabela, or Isa for short, is a very skilled mechanic who ride her homemade RustBelt Whale to help keep her world together.

Chapter One

Isa_OsaImage2IsaandOsa_5IsaandOsa_7IsaandOsa_8IsaandOsa_75IsaandOsa_78IsaandOsa_sb5_1IsaandOsa_sb55Isa and Osa by Eloisa EncarnacionIsaandOsa3IsaandOsa4IsaandOsa66

Chapter Two

Coming soon!